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Atlas Thyr Part 1

Position of the thyroid gland. The left lobe is occupied by a nodule, mainly inferior. The slightly bent incision is done 3 cm above the upper border of the clavicles preferably in a skin groove.

Platysma muscle horizontally incised. The median cervical fascia is opened vertically.

Atlas Thyr Part 2
Atlas Thyr Part 3

The upper pole is dissected and isolated. The superior laryngeal artery is tied and cut. At this stage, the superior parathyroid can sometimes be seen.

The dissection progresses laterally and the median thyroid vein is interrupted.

Atlas Thyr Part 4
Atlas Thyr Part 5

The left inferior vein is controlled and the lobe can be gently.

The dissection progresses medially and posteriorly. The inferior laryngeal nerve is dissected to its entrance in the larynx and the parathyroid is preserved.

Atlas Thyr Part 6
Atlas Thyr Part 7

The isthmus is interrupted in front of the trachea.

Hemostasis is checked and a small suction drain is left in the thyroid bed.

Atlas Thyr Part 8